Providing powerful voice and support for abused, neglected, and vulnerable children and their families.

Every Child Deserves a Safe, Loving, Forever Home.

About Us

Why We Help

Abused or neglected children who find themselves suddenly entangled in legal disputes or referred to the child welfare system are often no more able to speak up for themselves or access available resources than to protect themselves from abuse in their own homes. The social workers and attorneys appointed to these cases struggle to keep pace with overwhelming caseloads and therefore can rarely give these kids the attention they need.


Our History

In 1976 Seattle Superior Court Judge David Soukup began to suspect that the children in legal disputes over which he presided were not being adequately represented. Unlike their parents and the government agencies involved, the kids had no voice in court. In cases of abuse and neglect or in bitter custody battles the real story often seemed to go untold or was drowned in the exchange of allegations. This kept the judge up nights wondering if he had made the right decisions.