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Power of Attorney documents are available at links on the Legal Resources and Documents page of this website along with a resource booklet for incarcerated or soon-to-be incarcerated parents which helps them plan for children while they are away. Other links provide information to children and youths living apart from their parents.

The Kinship Care Center is an all-inclusive center for grandparents, relatives and adoptive parents caring for children under the age of 18. CASA's Kinship Care Center offers an assortment of services, programs and support for people who step up to care for other's children, including: Information and resource referrals, case management services, assistance with Medicaid, guardianship & Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) paperwork, legal resource information and supervised visitation services. CASA also provides support for children whose parents are incarcerated. CASA's Caregivers Assistance Program is an outreach program designed to assure the safety and well being of these high risk children.


Highly trained staff provides crisis support, parenting classes, resource referral, supervised visitation, and transportation to program participants. CASA assists incarcerated parents by helping them find competent caregivers for whom the safety and well-being of children is paramount. CASA provides resources to approved caregivers that ensure a child’s physical, educational, emotional, and medical needs are being met. These services are free, regardless of income, to all families in Chaves County who have adopted, have guardianship, or are relatives raising a relative’s children.




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