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Other resources for victims of abuse are:


Roswell Police Department: Dial 911 or (575) 624-6770


Counseling Associates: (575) 623-6069


Roswell Refuge for Battered Adults


To file a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) or to find out more information about domestic violence services, contact The Refuge at:

(575) 627-8361


Crime Victims Compensation

A CASA is a volunteer appointed by the Children's Court of The Fifth Judicial District to ensure the needs of children who may have been neglected or abused are being met. To do this CASAs must investigate facts, recommend a course of action, facilitate the resolution of presenting problems, and monitor progress toward established goals. The goal of Chaves County CASA is to provide a powerful voice for every abused child in the court system. To this end the work of volunteers and staff is organized into a number of specific projects.


The Abuse and Neglect Project pairs volunteer advocates with children in the custody of the Department of Children, Youth and Families as the result of physical abuse or palpable neglect.


The Domestic Violence and Custody Advocacy Project addresses the needs of kids caught in bitter custody disputes involving accusations of abuse, neglect or sexual molestation. In 1996 Chaves County judges began appointing CASAs to every case of domestic violence in which a temporary restraining order was issued and children were impacted. CASAs are now routinely called upon to make recommendations respecting custody assignment, foster care, parental visitation, and the like. The appointment of CASAs to these domestic cases represents a bold and original extension of the program’s focus to help more kids in need—the kind of innovation for which Chaves County CASA is considered a leader in the state.


Juvenile Court Advocacy is available to youth in the Juvenile Justice System who are deemed to be at risk because of abuse or neglect or who are otherwise in need of specialized interventions. Highly trained court advocates investigate a youth’s home conditions, find effective solutions, and make recommendations to the court in the youth’s best interests.




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Report suspected child abuse

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#SAFE (#7233)

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1-855-333-SAFE (7233)